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Custom blended makeup

We love blending our clients a custom blend. It is mineral based makeup and skincare can be added control oils and add moisture.
This video gives you a sneak peek on our custom blends.

South Carolina’s historic flood





During this weekend, South Carolina was declared a state of emergency. With devastating amounts of rain and flooding so high that Kiawah Island was shut down which was the location of this weekends wedding. We are based in Charleston which is approximately 50 minutes to the venue.
During this weekend, South Carolina was declared a state of emergency. With devastating amounts of rain and flooding so high that Kiawah Island was shut down which was the location of the venue. We are based in Charleston which is approximately an hour and 20 minutes to the venue.
The wedding was to occur on Saturday October 3rd. We had heard warnings of the record rainfall and experienced the inches upon inches of rain that left many unable to travel. My team arrived on the Island on Saturday October 3rd. We received a call from the wedding planner that the Caterer could not get on Kiawah Island and asked if we could all come back on Sunday October 4th in hopes that the weather would be better allowing the Caterer to safely arrive so there would be food at the wedding. This was the first time we ever had to reschedule a wedding. I was uncertain of my artists personal schedules the next day and whether childcare could be found on such short notice in such bad whether conditions. We did not have a wedding already scheduled for Sunday so I advised the team to head home through the storm and flooding in hopes for the rain to subside for the following day. It took all of us a full 5 hours to travel to and from Kiawah island on the original canceled wedding date of Saturday October 3rd. I do not have children but I do know these girls had to pay childcare for the 5 hours of time traveling. I asked if they could all let me know if the next day was even possible. I was so proud that my team all banded together, arranged for sitters to come a second day and we all crossed our fingers that when we woke we could make it out of our homes.
There was an additional 20 inches of rain on Sunday. The island of Kiawah was now closed to all traffic. The Caterer subsequently could not arrive on the island. I advised my artists to attempt the trip with safety being the number 1 concern. I felt that by my asking of this, that somehow I would feel responsible if something were to happen to their vehicles or their personal safety. I had not heard word that the wedding was canceled and so we all traveled carefully through the treacherous waters. We put our lives at risk and detoured road blocks and closures due to falling trees and water so high making it unsafe to pass. Texts from loved ones asking us to be safe and yet we prevailed. Somehow, my team arrived! We met at headquarters which was The Andell Inn at 9:15 am to meet with the wedding planner (who hugged us in surprise that we made it safely) to hear word if the wedding was still on, canceled or to devise a plan to get to the Bride. We could not safely take our vehicles onto the island. After much waiting, we all realized that our only attempt to get to the bride was to consolidate into another vendors large vehicle which was potentially tall enough to pass the three feet of standing waters. There was not enough room for more than 2 of us. We also had to deal with the fact that high tide was coming and my artists with children could not make it back to get their children if they were stranded overnight. So sending the other artists home was the right thing to do. I knew that this would leave us at a disadvantage without them but without a choice, we had to just arrive and do the best we could. (Christina and Jacqueline finally made it home on Sunday October 4th at 3:00pm. 8 hours of driving and childcare. I was happy and proud that they were such troopers. We continued on to get to the Bride. I just kept thinking that if my bride was going to have a wedding, I could not imagine her not having her hair and makeup done for her wedding day and photos and since we were in the vehicle with the photographer that was what motivated me to do whatever was possible. Myself and Renee piled in the car along with the wedding planners assistant, the photographer, her boyfriend who had the large car and their family dog who could not be left behind if they were not able to get home. We crossed our fingers. The guards denied us access through Kiawah island and we assumed all risk on our own by passing.
Through the grace of God, we arrived safely at the venue to set up not even thinking of our own safety and what we would do if we were stranded on the island. We waited for the bridesmaids and bride to arrive who were staying on the Island.
We put our thinking caps on and went right to work. We knew for pictures we had to work fast to accommodate the VIPs (bride, Mother of the Bride,) We did the best we could to accommodate the bridesmaids as they came in, writing the names down of who received services. Molly was gracious and happy we were able to get to her.

Blowout before you go out

Grab your girlfriends.  Schedule a pre holiday glam session with blow out and makeup with 4 of your friends for this special offer.  We will come to you and give you a fabulous blowout and makeup application before you go out.  email to schedule

Wedding day tips from the professionals


We want you to enjoy your day and be as carefree as possible!

Things to consider.  Will you have a photographer coming to document you and your bridal party getting ready?  If so, these helpful hints will help your day be as smooth as possible!

have your detail shots for the photographer ready to go or, designated that special MOH to this task.

  • Dress
  • Veil
  • Jewelry
  • Flowers
  • Bridesmaids dresses
  • Any other personal items that are special to you.

Have a designated person answer your phone while receiving hair and makeup services.  This helps you relax and allows the artist to beautify you properly.  High definition makeup requires accuracy and precision.  A calm, relaxed face is our best canvas!!

Will we be placing your veil?  (We recommend this if you are not traveling from the getting ready location.) Then we like to have you ready second to last.  This way you have time to get into your dress while we are completing the last service and we can assist with veil placement.

Will you be doing a first look?  Many photographers prefer this because it allows for gorgeous shots while you are at your freshest!

Congratulations on your engagement!!

Introducing our touch up essentials


For any special occasion! These essentials are great! The lipgloss comes with a built-in mirror and LED light! How ingenious! You have everything you need to touch up through-out the evening.
The 10 years younger spray is a makeup setting spray that you can use to refresh your makeup throughout the evening.
The illuminating lip shine comes in 5 fabulous shades.
The mineral translucent powder gives you a veil of coverage and absorps oils though out the evening.
All you need to do is throw these items in your clutch to refresh!
Place your order online here

When to Clean Out Your Makeup & Makeup Brushes

imageJust like your collection of cosmetics and makeup is an investment, makeup brushes aren’t cheap either. Whether you use top-of-the-line makeup and brushes or if you’re tastes are more humble, every once-in-a-while, a beauty update including cleaning makeup brushes and replacing older cosmetics is essential. Making the most out of your makeup investment means taking care of your products and brushes on a regular basis. From old makeup loaded with oil, dry skin and other residue to brushes that become a breeding ground for bacteria, here’s a look at when (and how!) to kick start your next beauty update.

When to Clean Out Your Makeup & Makeup Brushes

As it turns out, most makeup products really do have an expiration date and paying attention to that expiration is vital when it comes to keeping your products clean and safe for your face.

Lip Gloss – The applicator for lip gloss is going in and out of the product on repeat – so what about all those times when you aren’t feeling your best – or worse – you have a cold sore. Shelf life for lip gloss – 6 months and time to replace.
Mascara – give this about 2-3 months from the time you open it and rotate out with a new one. This is on your eyes after all!
Eyeliner/Eye pencils – These last a bit longer than mascara – and are good for about a year. Once that yearlong marker hits, time for a new one.
Foundation – This has a slightly longer shelf life and no applicator double dipping all the time, but your hands are all over this, so the chances of bacteria are pretty high. Be sure to wash your hands before applying foundation and once it starts to look oily or separated – it’s time to toss it. If it doesn’t visibly look like it’s time to replace, go for some new stuff at the one year mark.
Powdered Products (blush, bronzer, powder, eye shadow) – Since there’s no water in the makeup of powdered products, they last a bit longer than the others and don’t run the risk of being such a breeding ground for bacteria. You can make these products last a good 1-2 years as long as your diligent about cleaning your makeup brushes – because that’s where the old makeup, dry skin cells and other residue collect.
Makeup Brushes – Cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis is crucial when it comes to keeping bacteria at bay and your skin and eyes safe. From bronzer to shadow brushes, cleaning off the residue every couple of months should be part of your regular routine. Use gentle dish soap, bar soap or even shampoo to give brushes a thorough scrub. Be sure to be gentle as not to lose any bristles or alter the shape of the brush, followed by overnight air drying before going back to regular use.

When and if your makeup brushes start to become stiff and hard, have long-lasting residue that’s unresponsive to cleaning, they start to smell or they’re losing bristles on a regular basis – it’s time to retire and replace immediately. Protecting your face and eyes from brushes that are clinging on to old skin cells, old makeup and bacteria takes total precedence.

Do you have a regular rotation for replacing cosmetics and cleaning your makeup brushes?

Go big or go home

So excited that the digital billboard is up on 526 in one of the busiest highways in Charleston. Thank you to all the vendors for all your referrals and allowing me to grow this team with many talented ladies!







So many exciting things going on over here! From being asked to do the Knot Market Mixer to a new billboard on a digital jumbotron! Now this beautiful wedding where we did the makeup!! AAAh…life is good

Audrey and Paul’s beautiful lowcountry wedding at the breathtaking Kiawah Island Golf Resort is featured in the Spring 2015 issue of Weddings Unveiled, with design by Margaret Roberts of WED: Wedding Event Design and gorgeous images by Angela Cox. From Audrey’s exquisite dress by Reem Acra to the stunning florals at the reception by Sarah York Grimshaw, there’s so much loveliness! To see more of our Spring 2015 issue, click here to read the issue online, where you can also purchase a copy. For a list of Audrey and Paul’s vendors, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post. Enjoy! 2015 ISSUE: AUDREY & PAUL, KIAWAH ISLAND, SC

Images courtesy of Angela Cox.
Photography: Angela Cox | Event Planning and Design: Margaret Roberts with WED: Wedding Event Design | Ceremony Location: Holy Spirit Catholic Church on Johns Island, SC | Reception Venue: The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort on Kiawah Island, SC | Florals: Sara York Grimshaw Designs | Catering: Kiawah Island Golf Resort | Cake: Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal | Linens: Nüage Designs | Draping: Loluma | Rentals: Snyder Events, Polished! and EventHaus | Lighting: Technical Event Company | Invitations and Wedding Papers: Studio R | Ceremony Musicians: Laura Ball and Bob Williams Duo | Cocktail Hour Music: Bob Williams Duo | Reception Entertainment: The Business | Bridal Gown: Reem Acra from The White Dress | Hair: Kim Williams at Article 5 Salon | Makeup: Charleston Events Hair and Makeup | Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo from Nordstrom | Wedding Rings and Bride’s Earrings: Suzy B Jewelry | Transportation: Lancaster Trailways of the Carolinas | Dress Steaming: Cacky’s Bride + Aid | Kitchen Equipment: Berlin’s Restaurant Supply | Wedding Filmmaker: Hart to Heart Media

Bring in 2015 with the best you ever


2015 is practically here and egagement season comes along with it.

Schedule your engagement portraits and let your family and friends know the great news! Call (843)670-9936 to schedule your appointment.

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