Debut 2015 Charleston Firefighter Calendar September 12th

Okay ladies…Aside from the fact that hanging out with these hunky, courageous men was quite the job perk, it also taught me a lot about how these men and women dig deep and train  hard through grueling temperatures with their heavy gear day in and day out to protect their community.

Among the 13 men and 2 lady firefighters, I had the honor to meet Art Whittner a veteran fireman that was spared because he had drawn pump duty on the horrific day we lost 9 of Charleston’s most courageous.  I never knew that I would be touched in such a way by such a profound gentleman.  He spoke so eloquently about that night and I had that moment in my career where I felt pretty special being involved in a project that uplifted so many!

The 2015 Charleston Firefighter Calendar benefits Charleston Animal Society and Toby’s Fund.

I think it will be a great night for all the ladies to come to the debut event for such a great cause and a lot of fun.



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