When to Clean Out Your Makeup & Makeup Brushes

imageJust like your collection of cosmetics and makeup is an investment, makeup brushes aren’t cheap either. Whether you use top-of-the-line makeup and brushes or if you’re tastes are more humble, every once-in-a-while, a beauty update including cleaning makeup brushes and replacing older cosmetics is essential. Making the most out of your makeup investment means taking care of your products and brushes on a regular basis. From old makeup loaded with oil, dry skin and other residue to brushes that become a breeding ground for bacteria, here’s a look at when (and how!) to kick start your next beauty update.

When to Clean Out Your Makeup & Makeup Brushes

As it turns out, most makeup products really do have an expiration date and paying attention to that expiration is vital when it comes to keeping your products clean and safe for your face.

Lip Gloss – The applicator for lip gloss is going in and out of the product on repeat – so what about all those times when you aren’t feeling your best – or worse – you have a cold sore. Shelf life for lip gloss – 6 months and time to replace.
Mascara – give this about 2-3 months from the time you open it and rotate out with a new one. This is on your eyes after all!
Eyeliner/Eye pencils – These last a bit longer than mascara – and are good for about a year. Once that yearlong marker hits, time for a new one.
Foundation – This has a slightly longer shelf life and no applicator double dipping all the time, but your hands are all over this, so the chances of bacteria are pretty high. Be sure to wash your hands before applying foundation and once it starts to look oily or separated – it’s time to toss it. If it doesn’t visibly look like it’s time to replace, go for some new stuff at the one year mark.
Powdered Products (blush, bronzer, powder, eye shadow) – Since there’s no water in the makeup of powdered products, they last a bit longer than the others and don’t run the risk of being such a breeding ground for bacteria. You can make these products last a good 1-2 years as long as your diligent about cleaning your makeup brushes – because that’s where the old makeup, dry skin cells and other residue collect.
Makeup Brushes – Cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis is crucial when it comes to keeping bacteria at bay and your skin and eyes safe. From bronzer to shadow brushes, cleaning off the residue every couple of months should be part of your regular routine. Use gentle dish soap, bar soap or even shampoo to give brushes a thorough scrub. Be sure to be gentle as not to lose any bristles or alter the shape of the brush, followed by overnight air drying before going back to regular use.

When and if your makeup brushes start to become stiff and hard, have long-lasting residue that’s unresponsive to cleaning, they start to smell or they’re losing bristles on a regular basis – it’s time to retire and replace immediately. Protecting your face and eyes from brushes that are clinging on to old skin cells, old makeup and bacteria takes total precedence.

Do you have a regular rotation for replacing cosmetics and cleaning your makeup brushes?

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