A bridal hair and makeup “trial run” or “preview” is time and money well spent. This allows you to preview how your chosen hair and makeup style looks together and often provides a great chance for the artist to make recommendations on hair length, layers and highlights to enhance your over-all look.

Trial runs generally take 1.5 hours-2 hours together or 1 hour for hair or makeup alone including consulting time.

Bring/email your Pinterest board or google some wedding hair and makeup styles to show the artist. Try to narrow down to at most 2 different looks to get the most out of the trial run. We have found this extremely helpful.

In preparation for your trial run wash hair the evening before. This is crucial to ensure the hair’s cuticle has no moisture and is not too slippery as clean hair is.

Come with a makeup free face with an SPF of no more than 15.  This ensures there is no cast off that is common with high SPF.

Trial runs are held in our private studio in Mount Pleasant. Trial runs are done by appointment only on Monday through Friday.  Weekends are usually booked with weddings.  Due to studio size, please bring up to 1 additional person with you if you so choose.


Consider some touch up kits for the big day.  We will have these on hand at the trial run.